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The Netherlands my homeland

If you were born and raised in the Netherlands, it is not necessarily a holiday but a city that has an exciting option. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and Almere, the youngest city in the Netherlands are worth visiting.
Appartement1018 and Apartment Almere are the two sites in the Netherlands who rented Gehandicapten.com / Disability Co Ltd in Thailand. Both locations are wheelchair accessible.

Amsterdam with its many amazing canals, world famous museums, trams and its ancient history are mainly tourist attactions. Explore the city with your feet, by bicycle or by public transport. The sidewalks, bike paths, buses, trams and metro are wheelchair accessible so there's no excuse to stay at home. One week is too short to get to know the city, but enough to see the highlights and enjoy the city views. How about a canal cruise, a visit to the Rijksmuseum, a beer at a brewery, lunch on a terrace with a view or shopping at one of the many shopping streets.
Almere is made for people with reduced mobility. The 35-year-old town now has 200,000 inhabitants (2015) and is very wheelchair friendly. Public Transport is accessible and an extensive access of bicycle paths is the entrance to the beautiful nature that is rich Flevoland. Almere is nationally and internationally known for its modern architecture and kilometers long shopping. On the big market is two times weekly market and on the terraces is a nice place. Its central location in Almere is an ideal base for a trip to Amsterdam, Utrecht and De Hoge Veluwe. A fish food and Urk or Harderwijk is of course very nice.