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Bathroom, mirror mirror on the wall!

A wheelchair-accessible bathroom with punctures shower, grab bars in the right place, a raised toilet and moving space is a necessity for wheelchair users. Appartement1018 has a large bathroom where disabled people and their carers have enough to move.

The shower area is equipped with a folding seat and the shower faucet and shower are within easy reach for everyone shower in sitting. Besides shower area you have enough space for the preparation of a wheelchair to sit easily on. Handles for this purpose are in the right place. Also, in addition to the 45cm high installed toilet are pull-handles, which make possible a right-handed transfer from a wheelchair. The sink is made specifically for wheelchair users and equipped with handles, so getting up is easier. Towels can be hang within reach. The mirror is attached in the wall. The bathroom cabinets accommodate the towels and are easily accessible by wheelchair because they are hanged.
Towels, washcloths, bath towels and bathrobes are provided in abundance. Upon arrival, the bathroom are provided of hand soap, shampoo and shower gel, etc.