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Urban parking and front gardens

At the apartment building there are two general disabled parking spaces. These holders for disabled can enjoy for free to use.

In Amsterdam they pay parking space almost everywhere. Similarly, in nearby Appartement1018. People with physical disabilities has European disabled parking and they have privileged parking Disabled space for free. In the other parking spaces you must be pay for parking fee, only not if you have with a disabled parking.
Cition, Amsterdam Parking Management, provides parking permits for people with a disabled parking. Car parking is in parking, charging for use, always free. This does not apply to car parks and parking lots with a barrier.
More information about parking at the site of Cition.

When Appartement1018 includes a front garden. A bench against the wall and a few plants for the bedroom, the outdoor space available to you. From here you have a view of the mill and the Gooyer Funenpark. The front garden is situated on the South East. It is accessible by stairs from the living room. A wheelchair user has to just take a walk through the door.