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YEAR 2017

Orthodox Church in Hua Hin

The Orthodox Church in Hua Hin was open just recently, in February 8, 2015. It is situated one kilometer from the Blúport shopping mall in Soi 102. It is devoted to the family of the last Russian tzar Nicolas 2 who visited Hua Hin in the end of 19-th century. Tzar Nicolas 2 and majority of his family were killed by bosheviks in Russian city of Ekaterinburg in 1918. There are treasures in the Hua Hin Orthodox Church such as personal cross of princess Tatiana and sacred icon from Tzarskoe Selo church, where Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived and studied. The Orthodox Church is open every day from 8.a.m. till 8 p.m. Church services organized at 6 p.m. in working days and in 9 a.m. in week ends and holidays. Russian priest Father Andrey serves in this church. Church is the perfect place to pray and to visit. The yellow color of the church and its shape are the perfect background for the photo. The church looks like a painted picture on a background of blue sky and greenery.