We are Jan and Hanneke van der Linde. Together we are Gehandicapten.com. Since 2001 we rent adapted and wheelchair accessible holiday homes. We are also known as Disability in Thailand Co Ltd. / WheelchairThailand Hua Hin.

Over 30 years ago we met in a nursing home for handicapped people. Jan already lived there for a few years when I started to work there. His progressive muscular disease ties him to a powered wheelchair since childhood and makes him an expert of accessibility by experience. As a teen he travelled for the first time independent to Fuengirola, Spain 1977 paid with earnings from his first fulltime job with a nursing association.

Ofcourse I am an experienced traveller too. I know how much effort it can take to travel with a severe handicapped person when the accommodation doesn't meet your needs. And what a relieve it is when holiday homes are well designed. My professional experience gained as a policy officer for the Dutch Disabled Society on subjects like "design for all" and accessible public transport can be added to my real life story. As a child together with my parents and later as a teen I travelled in Europe by car and by plane. My first independent trip was in 1979 to Torremolinos, Spain paid from the earnings of my summer job in a restaurant.

Together we travel to the holiday homes in The Netherlands, France, Hungary and Thailand. With great pleasure we rent holiday homes to disabled people and/or their families, travel companions and care givers. Our holiday homes are popular and receiive great reviews. We listen to our guests, to their constructive criticism and their experiences. Where possible we improve the houses and our service. And for this we work together with fantastic and indispensible caretakers.