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A care less, our aids

Slow walkers and wheelchair users who still can take a few steps can ask for portable medical equipment. With these aids people with reduced mobility will be able to use the bathroom more easily. A description of the available aids is down here. When you want to use one or more please tell us on the reservation form. The use is free of charge.

Medical equipment can be used by people with a weight up to 110kg.

Toilet seat raiser
The height of the toilet can be raised by 10cm / 4" which makes it easier to stand up and sit down.





Removable grips can be attached to the wall next to the toilet or in the walk-in-shower. Grips make it easier to stand up, sit down or just hold on.






Shower chair
A foldable and portable shower chair with arm rest can be used in the shower or in front of the wash basin. The heigth is adjustable.