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Bathrooms and toilets

The wheelchair accessible master bedroom connects to an en suite wheelchair accessible bathroom. This bathroom is suitable for use with a commode / shower wheelchair. The roll in shower has a drop down shower seat with armrests and grips. The mixing tap is mounted within reach. A bathmat is available to prevent slipping. Next to the toilet there is ample floor space for a wheelchair to make a right-hand transfer. On both sides are wall mounted drop down grips. The toilet is 40cm high, the height can be increased with a toilet seat raiser to 50cm. Wheelchair users can approach the wash basin which has a mixing tap. Grips next to the sink make it easier to stand up if necessary.

The second bathroom has a shower, a wash basin and a toilet. This bathroom can be reached directly from the livingroom and is located next to the entrance of the second and third bedroom. A folding shower chair can be put in on request for people with limited mobility. Movable grips can be installed onto any desired spot on the wall.

Bath towels, towels, washcloths, bathmats and bathrobes are present. Changing and washing is the housekeeper's job.